Asturian Cider
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Asturian Cider
The country and the cider
National beverage
Asturian cider and society
Cider pouring and festivals
Champagne cider, table cider, liquors...
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The first reports about cider in Asturies date around year 60 BC, made by Estrabon, who mentions that the asturians "zytho etiam utuntur, vini parum habent" (drink cider, thou wine scarcely have).

The first written document conserved reffering to apple trees is precisely the Fundational Act of the Asturies’ capital city, Uviéu, in the year 781, during the Kingdom of Asturies. The concreete mention of cider dates from year 780 at the foundation of Monastry of Oubona (Tinéu) where is included the duty of giving the servants "sicere si potest esse" (cider if possible).