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Asturian bubbles

The Christmas campaign is expected to benefit the Asturian sparkling cider.

LA SIDRA.- Asturian sparkling cider is on trend. That is why it is expected to break the sales record, overcoming the 50,000 bottles sold last year.

This is because our brut cider can perfectly compete with other sparkling drinks, including champagne. It is a natural product, with a low alcoholic content and cheap, so it is expected to succeed this season.

Before Christmas, two campaigns will be undertaken: a general one, which will point out the double fermentation sparkling ciders; and another one which will promote them in over three hundred cider bars and restaurants in Asturias.

Cidermakers expect a higher consumption, especially in New Year’s Eve; and both Daniel Ruiz, DOP (Certificate of Origin Cider of Asturias) manager, and Samuel Trabanco, manager of one of the biggest cidermills in Asturias attribute this expectations to the sector good work and to the fact that there are more and more restaurants interested in this product.

They also suggest that the Asturian customer is being increasingly aware of the defence of our traditional drink, with a growing presence on many tables this season, and that this will have a greater impact on sales than the Catalonian conflict and the presumable boycott of their products.

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