Copenhague's Cider Festival is the main cider event in Escandinavia and will have the participation of Sidra Riestra in representation of Asturies.

LA SIDRA.- As usually LA SIDRA will be present at the interesting cider festival in which a total of 25 cider mills will participate, Riestra Cider Mill among them.

LA SIDRA releases a map of Xixón with the main cider bars of Xixón

LA SIDRA.- With the occasion of Xixón's celebrations LA SIDRA has released a map of the cider mills collaborating with the magazine, a total of 191 for visitors to know where the main cider bars are.

A release over 50.000 issues were distributed through  Xixón's tourism offices, hotels and places of touristic interest. This is an initiative with a clear informative aim to get Xixón's cider offer closer to the tourism, and it had a great welcome.

It is organized by the  Association for the Support of Asturian Traditional Cider and it will be held on next 20th of August.

LA SIDRA.- Homemade cider contests continue to be popular across the country so people can yet enjoy traditional cider made at home with its virtues and defects, but always genuine. Among those contest the one of Villaviciosa. already on its 12th edition, is a reference being the most important one in Asturies and worldwide.

The organizers, the Association for the Support of Asturian Traditional Cider have announced some novelties about the event, and thank Sidra Mayador for letting them use their characteristic logo since "we have always loved it and it really suits the event."

The international feature of this event gets even more real, having this year Japanese and South African representation.

LA SIDRA.-The seventh edition of the International Hall of Gala Ciders will be without any doubt the most international of the current editions, since apart of the usual wide European participation, this year there will also be representation from Japan (Tamura Farm) and South African (Sxollie Cider). There will also be some other surprise we will announce.

This cider mill, Sxollie, is from Cape Town and makes cider from apples sourced from the cool orchards of Elgin, with the fresh juice fermented in stainless steel tanks. Champagne yeasts are used to ensure an elegant flavour profile before careful bottling and carbonation that delivers a delicate sparkle to the final product. The result is a light easy-drinking sessionable cider that captures the essence of the fruit.

The eye-catching ‘X’ mosaic emblazoned across the bottle is inspired by pottery designs synonymous with southern Africa, yet also offers a nod to our Afropolitan roots in the urban jungle.

It will take place this Friday 11th of August and it is organizez by Banda del Militrón.

LA SIDRA.- Banda del Militrón is preparing the last details to celebrate on next Friday Navia's Cider Festival. This celebration has also the collaboration of Sofinavia and several cider bars from the area and the town hall. One more year this celebration turns to be a compulsory date for those who want to enjoy our most emblematic beverage in Western Asturies.

We don't know yet the cider mills participating in this edition. Last year for only two € attendees could enjoy the cider by Vallina, Zapatero, Roza, Castañón, Viuda de Angelón, Viuda de Corsino, Trabanco, Vigón, Muñiz and Foncueva as well as the other activities of the festival, like several performances of traditional music and tonada.

For a person who doesn't know the Descensu'l Seya, he wouldn't understand, but this party is one of the most cidery event in our country.


LA SIDRA.- The pictures of our photographer Ástur Montes allows us to get closer to a proper Asturian celebration where cider is the protagonist, since kayaks and cider come altogether in this party.

A new campaign for the Spanish State and Europe begins in collaboration with CASINTRA.

LA SIDRA.- The Cider of Asturies DOP Regulatory Council presented at the facilities of the transport company CASINTRA its new advertising campaign, to promote Asturian Cider in the Spanish State and Europe.

They reached an agreement with this transport company to display posters printed in the back part of 30 of their trucks: 25 of them for the promotion of natural cider from Asturies and the other 5 for the other three varieties.

Article by David Castañón in about Asturian cider and announcement of Asturian cider culture as Intangible World Heritage by the UNESCO. David Castañón – – @lesfartures

On the contrary to what many say, I do think that the creation of a Basque DOP is positive. We Asturians tend to be like this, we don't move until we see the menace, and sometimes not even then...

People have spent years wrongly selling "Spanish Cider" abroad whithout noticing that we were advertising Basque Cider for free, so our cider is mistaken with theirs.

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