The version of “Súbeme la radio” by Enrique Iglesias, made by Jony Llera is a hit in the social networks.


LA SIDRA.- This tune "Súbeme la sidra" (Turn the cider on) is made in collaboration with “Al Platu Vendrás" and has turned to be the summer hit in Asturies with around 300.000 plays in facebook and a show of the Asturian cider culture's vitality and identity.

Carmen Fernández: “The Asturian Government refuses its duty to empower cider while the sector struggles day by day to increase the production".

LA SIDRA.-Foro's deputy and spokeswoman of Rural Development in Principality's General Board, Carmen Fernández attended the 2017 campaign presentation on 20th of this month. There she gave her congratulations to the cider sector while stating that the Asturian Government "refuses its duty to empower cider while the sector struggles day by day to increase the production".

The Official Pourers Championship turned to be a part of Mieres del Camín's celebrations.

LA SIDRA.- Official Pourers Championship had its second lap in the region of Mieres del Camín, as part of San Xuan¡s activities from 16th to 24th of June . This contest took place at Plaza Requexu and Wilkin Aquiles got the first place with 116,3 points, the second place was for Salvador Ondó with 115,8 and the third one for Jeison Franco with 115,4. Jonatan Trabanco, Pablo Suárez and Marcos Ramos got the fourth, fifth and sixth places respectively.

The contest begun at half past five while the Spanish Television filmed it live. But there are some more activities to come for San Xuan. Today 23rd, San Xuan's Eve takes place the most traditional and magical celebration with the bonfire and Danza Prima as main protagonists of the night.

In theXV Presentation of the DOP harvest they announced that the Denomination of Origin and Cider of Selection will blend in.

LA SIDRA.- "Now we are in the same boat, as it should be" said Celestino Cortina, president of the DOP Regulatory Council Sidre d'Asturies during the XV Presentation of the Denomination of Origin harvest. This will pass into history of Asturian cider because it was Cortina the one who announced the blending of these two quality labels: DOP Cider of Asturies and Cider of Selection. This union was expected for long time and a few days after the announcement the media confirmed it. But there were more news, the DOP will blend with the Cider of Selection labels - Muñiz, Trabanco, Peñón and Foncueva- and another four ones: JR, Frutos, La Llarada and Viuda de Corsino. So for next edition there will be 30 ciders under the DOP Cider of Asturies lable.

 LA SIDRA Nb. 162 corresponding to June of 2017


LA SIDRA.- Release corresponding to June of 2017 with an interview with the Bona Confradería de los Siceratores d'Asturies, information about Llaviana's cider party, the next Nava's Cider festival, Asturies gastronómica... and much more information about cider news.

DOP Sidre d'Asturies wants to highlight the meaning of the word "authentic" with the owners of cider bars.

LA SIDRA.- The CR DOP SIDRE d’Asturies presented yesterday their new advertising campaign starred by 21 owners of cider bars as main consumers of the DOP Cider of Asturies. This is a continuation of last year's campaign starred by Rodrigo Cuevas and they expect good results. "Authentic, true, unique" are some of the values behind this campaign which describe the features of this cider with protected denomination of origin. This advertising will last for two months until next 15th of August through different media: press, radio, tv, social networks and some exterior supports.

More recognition for Asturian cider at the "Bath & West International Cider Competition 2017"

LA SIDRA.- Before we released the news of the medals by Trabanco at the “The Bath & West International Cider Competition 2017” –also called “The Greatest Cider Show on Earth”. This time we inform that El Gaiteru Group, which competed in several categories, reinforces its position with seven medals -three silver and four bronze- being this way the most awarded cider mill of Asturies and the Spanish territory and one of the most recognized worldwide.

The next edition of the International Hall of Gala Ciders will have many novelties and a bigger participation of worldwide cider mills.

Due to the presentations of the event we have been making across Europe as well as our presence in the main international cider fairs worldwide, with some months ahead of the IHGC / SISGA there are already many cider mills joining in. Year by year it’s growing in participation, so with many more to be confirmed, we can greet the cider mills from six different countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain and of course Asturies. And for the very first time, Japan. For instance we will count with the presence of the cider mills Lion Ciders, Macgleo, Colemans Cider Company, Tamura Farm, as well as several Asturian cider mills who will strive to set a high standard.


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